TSF’16, June 4th

14–24 Uhr, 9 Venues, Berlin-Mitte feat. Asbjørn, Julianna Barwick, DJ Paypal, Farao, White Lung, Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band and many many more.

 Day Sales 20€ – at all venues.
Presales are closed.

Online tickets must be swapped for wrist bands on the day of the festival at Acud to enter the shows!

Aufgrund unterschiedlicher Kapazitäten der Spielorte ist der Zutritt teilweise limitiert. 
Due to the varying capacity of the locations access can be limited. 

Super Sunday, June 5th

Easter, Fenster, Jaakko Eino Kalevi
Doors 7pm / Shows 8pm

16€ / 20€